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Antelope canyon

Tags:desert, sandstone, antelope

France alley

Tags:europe, street, architecture

Ibiza town

Tags:europe, street, town

Strit street

Tags:city, street, architecture

Venice reflection

Tags:europe, old, architecture

Sand mountain

Tags:mountains, canyon, antelope

The city

Tags:creative, street, travel

Antelope canyon

Tags:desert, canyon, sandstone

In the canyon

Tags:desert, canyon, sandstone

Narrow beach

Tags:sea and ocean, water, seashore

Narrow street

Tags:vintage, architecture, old

(especially of something that is considerably longer or higher than it is wide) of small width. Limited in extent, amount, or scope; restricted. (especially of a victory, defeat, or escape) with only a small margin; barely achieved. A narrow channel connecting two larger areas of water. Become or make less wide. Become or make more limited or restricted in extent or scope.