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Wallpaper(s) found for: rack in Digital technology

The sun deer winter

Tags:deer, moose, antler

Data center

Tags:hardware, business, indoors


Tags:robots, business, rack

Proud deer

Tags:deer, antler, mammal

Google datacenter

Tags:hardware, rack, server

Horn snow deer

Tags:deer, antler, wildlife


Tags:animals, deer, antler

On edge

Tags:black and white, pattern, abstract

Miku vocaloid

Tags:cartoons, technology, connection

Gorgeous deer

Tags:animals, deer, nature

Magic deer

Tags:creative, deer, antler

Refrigerators for eyes

Tags:creative, cabinet, rack

Upholstered wooden wall rack

Tags:tree, wood, wall

A framework, typically with rails, bars, hooks, or pegs, for holding or storing things. A cogged or toothed bar or rail engaging with a wheel or pinion, or using pegs to adjust the position of something. An instrument of torture consisting of a frame on which the victim was stretched by turning rollers to which the wrists and ankles were tied. A triangular structure for positioning the balls in pool. A woman's breasts. A set of antlers. A bed. A horse's gait in which both hoofs on either side in turn are lifted almost simultaneously, and all four hoofs are off the ground together at certain moments. A large cut of meat, typically lamb, that includes the front ribs. A mass of high, thick, fast-moving clouds. Cause extreme physical or mental pain to; subject to extreme stress. Place in or on a rack. Raise (rent) above a fair or normal amount. (of a horse) move with a rack gait. Draw off (wine, beer, etc.) from the sediment in the barrel. (of a cloud) be driven before the wind.