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Girl fantasy picture

Tags:warrior, girl, woman


Tags:landscapes, wind, sky

Wind turbines

Tags:landscapes, electricity, wind

Wind farm

Tags:landscapes, wind, electricity

Wind turbine

Tags:the sky, wind, sky

Wind turbine

Tags:creative, landscape, farm

Wind on field

Tags:landscapes, landscape, sky

Angel in the wind

Tags:witch, fashion, girl

Tornado in the ocean

Tags:the wind, ocean, water

Old wind mill

Tags:landscapes, windmill, sunset

Rain and wind blowing

Tags:autumn, landscape, fog


Tags:abstract and graphics, watercraft, ship

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The perceptible natural movement of the air, especially in the form of a current of air blowing from a particular direction. Breath as needed in physical exertion or in speech. Empty, pompous, or boastful talk; meaningless rhetoric. Air or breath used for sounding an organ or a wind instrument. A twist or turn in a course. A single turn made when winding. Cause (someone) to have difficulty breathing because of exertion or a blow to the stomach. Detect the presence of (a person or animal) by scent. Sound (a bugle or call) by blowing. Move in or take a twisting or spiral course. Pass (something) around a thing or person so as to encircle or enfold. Make (a clock or other device, typically one operated by clockwork) operate by turning a key or handle.