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Tags:windows, illustration, design

Cool apple devices

Tags:apple, design, illustration

Ubuntu mountains

Tags:linux, design, paper


Tags:humor and satire, vector, illustration

Old cassette

Tags:drawings, technology, image

Apple family

Tags:apple, template, flat

Art is resistance

Tags:creative, identity, symbol

P letter

Tags:vector art, symbol, image

Batman cartoon

Tags:vector art, design, desktop

Stay smart

Tags:vector art, image, flat


Tags:vector art, nature, abstract

Smooth and even; without marked lumps or indentations. Lacking interest or emotion; dull and lifeless. (of a fee, wage, or price) the same in all cases, not varying with changed conditions or in particular cases. (of musical sound) below true or normal pitch. Of or relating to flat racing. In or to a horizontal position. Completely; absolutely. Below the true or normal pitch of musical sound. The flat part of something. A flat object, in particular. An area of low level ground, especially near water. A musical note lowered a semitone below natural pitch. Lower (a note) by a semitone. Make flat; flatten.