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Tags:vector art, symbol, geometric


Tags:abstract, business, paper

Square art

Tags:vector art, paper, empty

Black & blue cubes

Tags:abstract, art, futuristic

Polygon blue

Tags:abstract, wallpaper, desktop


Tags:geometric shapes, cube, square


Tags:abstract, wallpaper, pattern

3d black polygons

Tags:abstract, geometric, square

Black and red shapes

Tags:abstract, light, festival

Brown wallpaper

Tags:vector art, abstract, fabric

Colored dice

Tags:3d graphics, dice, chance

Cubes 3d

Tags:abstract, square, pattern

Red glass on box floor

Tags:abstract, desktop, dark

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Having the shape or approximate shape of a square. Denoting a unit of measurement equal to the area of a square whose side is of the unit specified. At right angles; perpendicular. Level or parallel. (of two people) owing nothing to each other. Old-fashioned or boringly conventional. (of rhythm) simple and straightforward. Directly; straight. A plane figure with four equal straight sides and four right angles. The product of a number multiplied by itself. An L-shaped or T-shaped instrument used for obtaining or testing right angles. A person considered to be old-fashioned or boringly conventional in attitude or behavior. A square meal. Make square or rectangular; give a square or rectangular cross section to. Multiply (a number) by itself. Make compatible; reconcile. Balance (an account). Bring (one's shoulders) into a position in which they appear square and broad, typically to prepare oneself for a difficult task or event. Set (a yard or other part of a ship) approximately at right a