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Horses running

Tags:animals, horse, grass

Wilde white horses

Tags:animals, horse, cavalry


Tags:horses, mammal, cavalry

2 horses

Tags:horses, horse, cavalry

Horse sand herd

Tags:horses, mammal, animal


Tags:horses, horse, mare

Fantasy race

Tags:fantasy, park, adult

Galloping horse

Tags:horses, horse, grass

Three winter horses

Tags:horses, horse, mammal


Tags:horses, horse, grass


Tags:people, motion, science

Cool marlboro country

Tags:animals, cavalry, mammal

Athletics track

Tags:sports, track, competition

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An act or spell of running. A journey accomplished or route taken by a vehicle, aircraft, or boat, especially on a regular basis. A point scored when a base runner reaches home plate after touching the other bases. A continuous spell of a particular situation or condition. A widespread and sudden or continuous demand for (a particular currency or commodity). Free and unrestricted use of or access to. The average or usual type of person or thing. An enclosed area in which domestic animals or birds can run freely in the open. A line of unraveled stitches in stockings or tights. A downward trickle of paint or a similar substance when applied too thickly. A small stream or brook. Diarrhea. The after part of a ship's bottom where it rises and narrows toward the stern. Move at a speed faster than a walk, never having both or all the feet on the ground at the same time. Move about in a hurried and hectic way. Pass or cause to pass quickly or smoothly in a particular direction. (with reference